Commercial Services

A clean and tidy work office will increases employee productivity, reduces stress, and improves the overall appearance of your business. Housewives 4-Rent can provide professional office cleaning tailored to your business needs and budget. We use only highest quality cleaning products so that your offices are not only clean but germ and bacteria free as well. We are also an Earth friendly company, only using cleaning products that are safe for the environment.

Our office cleaning services are, but not limited to, the items listed below:

Carpet Vacuuming
We will vacuum and clean debris from the carpets of all your offices.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning
We can sweep, clean, and mop your office floors to get them shiny once again.

Restroom Cleaning
Cleaning and disinfecting restrooms.

Wall Washing
Removing dirt, dust, fingerprints, etc…

Break Room Cleaning
Sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming floors and picking up any garbage.

Windows and Window Sills
Window washing as well as cleaning off window sills.

Lobby Area
Lobby cleaning so your customers or clients get a good first impression.

Empty Trash Cans
Make sure all your trash cans are emptied and have new trash bags.

And much more. If you need office cleaning for your business be sure to contact us by email or giving us a call at 586-222-4351 to discuss your needs. We can offer your business very competitive rates.

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